FDCTForward Discrete Cosine Transform
FDCTFollicular Dendritic Cell Tumor (pathology)
FDCTFast Discrete Cosine Transform(ation)
FDCTFast Discrete Curvelet Transform
FDCTFlight Design CT (aircraft code)
FDCTFrequency Domain Coding Technique
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1D FDCT. In proposed fast discrete cosine transform (FDCT) algorithm, an original signal is first divided into nonoverlapping 2D blocks of size 8 x 8 in three color components as shown in Figure 1 in JPEG format.
Both FDCT and fast IDCT have the same coefficients and matrix blocks.
Circular Gabor filter will be applied with fast discrete curvelet transform FDCT to increase the efficiency of fingerprint image enhancement stage.
In this proposed work, Human Visual System and FDCT play major role to develop a robust image watermarking algorithm for copyright protection.
Follicular dendritic cell tumor (FDCT) is an extremely rare neoplasm of dendritic cell origin.
This work was supported in part by the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macao SAR (FDCT) (120/2016/A3) and in part by the Research Committee of the University of Macau (MYRG2015-00030-AMSV and MYRG2017-00090-AMSV).
Generally, the baseline JPEG includes three stages: block division, forward discrete cosine transform (FDCT), coefficient quantization, and entropy encoding.
Ethical approval was obtained from the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of Macao for this study with the project number FDCT 124/2014/A3.
This study was supported by Science and Technology Development Fund, Macao S.A.R (FDCT) (038/2014/A1) and Research Fund of University of Macau (One Time Special Fund for PhD Student in University of Macau, MRG024-LJJ-2015-ICMS, MYRG2015-000911CMS-QRCM, MYRG2015-00101-ICMS-QRCM and CPG2014-00012ICMS).
For all these image groups, the results of the proposed fusion framework are compared with those of the traditional discrete wavelet transform (DWT) [13, 16], the second generation curvelet transform (fast discrete curvelet transform, FDCT) [41, 42], the dual tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT) [4], and the nonsubsampled Contourlet transform (NSCT-1 and NSCT-2) based methods.
At the input to the encoder, source image samples are grouped into 8 x 8 blocks, shifted from unsigned integers with range [0, [2.sup.P] - 1] to signed integers with range [[-2.sup.P - 1], [2.sup.P - 1] - 1], and input to the Forward DCT (FDCT).
In this paper, we use fast discrete curvelet transform (FDCT) via wrapping [27].