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FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDIFootwear Design and Development Institute (India)
FDDIFiber Data Distributed Interface (fiber optic networking; aka Fiber-Optic Data Distribution Interface)
FDDIFiber Digital Device Interface
FDDIFiber-Optic Data Distribution Interface (fiber optic networking; aka Fiber Data Distributed Interface)
FDDIFonds Départemental de Dévéloppement Intercommunal (French: Intercommunal Development Departmental Funds)
FDDIFibre Distributed Digital Interface (fibre optics)
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This institute has the status of 'Institution of national importance' as per FDDI Act, 2017 and is providing trained Human Resource to the industry by conducting the long-term programs.
" In the middle of this controversy, Rajeev Lakhera, then FDDI chairman also resigned.
The FDDI relies on a network of partner companies and organizations.
FDDI was designed to operate at distances up to two kilometers between active nodes on standard 62.5/125 micron, multimode-graded index fiber.
The three-circuit-card FDDI bridge set replaces four separate boxes used in previous systems for multiplexing data on the system data link.
Vendors who do not offer multi-protocol switches try to justify the replacement of perfectly good and functioning FDDI and ATM hardware by saying the move makes sense once this equipment has been depreciated.
We determined that a migration to a high-speed 100 Mb/s FDDI local area network (LAN) was necessary.
The promise of copper FDDI provides another reason for standardizing on Level 5 UTP wiring.
All three can switch data to servers and/or backbone networks via 155 Mb/s ATM links or 100 Mb/s FDDI or CDDI (FDDI over twisted pair) links.
By designing the network with two FDDI rings in the main building, our network analysts and telecomm management teams have designed a system that provides equal yet separate connectivity for both corporate and engineering users.