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FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDIFootwear Design and Development Institute (India)
FDDIFiber Data Distributed Interface (fiber optic networking; aka Fiber-Optic Data Distribution Interface)
FDDIFiber Digital Device Interface
FDDIFiber-Optic Data Distribution Interface (fiber optic networking; aka Fiber Data Distributed Interface)
FDDIFonds Départemental de Dévéloppement Intercommunal (French: Intercommunal Development Departmental Funds)
FDDIFibre Distributed Digital Interface (fibre optics)
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Sandeep Bhatia, DGM, Training Cell of FDDI told us that with Mewar University backing out, there is little chance that another university will give affiliation to FDDI," students said.
FDDI was designed to operate at distances up to two kilometers between active nodes on standard 62.
Vendors who do not offer multi-protocol switches try to justify the replacement of perfectly good and functioning FDDI and ATM hardware by saying the move makes sense once this equipment has been depreciated.
By utilizing the FDDI Gateway, system managers can implement a risk-free integration of their existing systems and new network infrastructure.
Switched Ethernet was an ideal solution to eliminate client congestion problems and provide faster access to the servers on the high-speed FDDI LAN.
Interoperability can be a concern when using FDDI as a backbone technology for Ethernet and token-ring LANs.
Typical switch configurations, for example, combine FDDI and Fast Ethernet port modules with Gigabit Ethernet or ATM downlinks, enabling customers to migrate their backbones from shared FDDI concentrators to the wire-speed performance of the CoreBuilder 3500 and 9000 switches.
Nasdaq:NPIX) designs, manufactures and markets a full range of FDDI and Layer Two Fast Ethernet switch and hub products today with stackable Layer Three gigabit Ethernet switches under development.
The Tolly Group's evaluation focused on measuring throughput of the SmartSwitch 9000 while performing translational switching within a heterogeneous network of Token Ring, Fast Ethernet, FDDI and Ethernet, across an ATM backbone, and in homogeneous Token Ring environments.
NASDAQ:PTIX) today announced that its VME600A FDDI Node Adapter has been selected by Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) as a key network backbone element in the U.
Tenders are invited for E-Tenders Are Invited By The Fddi From Reputed, Experienced And Financially Sound Suppliers For Empanelment For Supply Of Electrical Items In Fddi, A-10-A, Sector-24, Noida (Up).
Fiber Driver does this for all speeds of Ethernet as well as ATM, SONET, SDH and FDDI.