FDDOFeedback-Directed and Dynamic Optimization
FDDOFlying Disc Dog Open (competition series)
FDDOFreie Deutsche Dart Organisation (German: Free German Darts Organization)
FDDOFinite Difference Discrete Ordinate (numerical technique)
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The OCP must be able to access the data needed to carry out ongoing commissioning and the data must be of sufficient accuracy and sampled at high enough rates to enable effective FDDO. In practice, all of these issues can be challenging.
In addition, providing data to FDDO tools from BASs with proprietary data formats can be challenging and time-intensive.
Hence, the LDoS attack is more difficult to detect than an FDDoS attack.
Especially if [bar.[R.sub.attack]] [greater than or equal to] C, the LDoS attacks are approximate the FDDoS, where [R.sub.attack] is the average of [R.sub.attack] and C is the bottleneck bandwidth.