FDDSFlag Data Display System
FDDSFederal Disability Determination Services (Social Security)
FDDSFifth District Dental Society (Syracuse, NY)
FDDSFlag Display Distribution System
FDDSForward Deployable Diagnostic System
FDDSFlag Data Distribution System
FDDSFirst Data Debit Services (First Data Resources)
FDDSFrequency-Dependent Decomposition Scheme
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In Franchise Registration States, franchisors must file their FDDs, their standard form franchise agreements and audited financial statements with a state administrative agency before offering franchises there.
Franchisors also know that unless they can satisfy a state-specific exemption, their FDDs will be read by a state franchise examiner in a registration state.
Once an FDD or other type of document is digitized, a business can easily customize the material with their own brand identity, incorporate videos, flash presentations, and audio files, and give franchisees or consumers the ability to use infinite zoom and text tools to view high-resolution images.
Based on the FranConnect FDD database analysis, 61.9 percent of all franchisors now collect technology fees.
Featuring unique technology the FDDS - a processor based device - can identify levels of dust that can cause explosive hazards whilst also having the ability to validate the protection of non-zoned areas.
(140) Indeed, prospective franchisees often report that when they read legal FDDs, they are seized by a condition dubbed "MEGO--'My Eyes Glaze Over.'" (141)
In all the techniques floating drug delivery system (FDDS) is one of the simple, promising and practical approach to achieve increased gastric residence time.
New developments are required to offset 120% of the FDDs they add to the system or pay the city fair market value.
Hence lot of research is carried out in floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) with different low-density organic substances as a matrix to load the drug.
The company report has examined the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) of 25 pizza franchises, and stated that pizza franchises are set on a path of growth after coming out of the recent recession.
FDDS = USS + [C.sub.hourly]([T.sub.CD] + [T.sub.DD] + [T.sub.FXS])/[Q.sub.cap].
CDs and DVDs are not suitable for storing data that will have to be updated or changed frequently, something at which FDDs and HDDs excel.