FDEAFederal Department of Economic Affairs
FDEAFood and Drink Exporters Association (UK)
FDEAFlorida Developmental Education Association
FDEAFemme Développement Entreprise En Afrique (French: Women's Enterprise Development in Africa)
FDEAFonctionnement et Dysfonctionnement des Écosystèmes Aquatiques (French: Operation and Malfunction of Aquatic Ecosystems)
FDEAFlorida Department of Elder Affairs
FDEAFederal Drug Enforcement Administration
FDEAFunctional Data Exchange Architecture (DIA)
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This study determined whether there is a statistically significant difference between efficient and inefficient OECD countries in terms of health indicators using FDEA.
In the first step of the analysis, the health efficiencies of OECD countries were determined using FDEA. For efficiency measurement with FDEA, Wang, Greatbanks, and Yang's model16 was used.
The data were analyzed using NCSS 10 package program for FDEA.
Especially in recent years, international comparisons of health system efficiencies have attracted the attention of health policy makers.18 In this respect, it is important to evaluate, improve, and analyze the efficiencies of health-related activities of countries at the international level.1 Therefore, in this study, it was preferred to evaluate the health efficiency of OECD countries using FDEA.
Continued teacher education was still incipient and did not contribute to her current teaching as it was limited to a course delivered by the Federal District Education Authority (FDEA) to those who taught in literacy programs.
The FDEA said that all oil transactions with Iran had to be reported to the Swiss Economics Ministry and the government might take further measures later based on these reports.
In addition, the Federal Council has mandated the federal department of justice and Police (FDJP) and the FDEA to examine the possibility of having workers from all of the EU/EFTA States report their wages upon entry into Switzerland to take up employment, when completing the formalities of registration with the authorities.
The FDEA is calling for a national strategy to ensure food and drink producers are ready to seize global business opportunities over the coming decade, especially in emerging markets such as India and China.
However, the FDEA believes that this will only happen if the industry works more closely with the government to develop a national export strategy, to help companies large and small maximise on international business opportunities.
"There is a real global appetite for British food and drink, however, after a surge in the first six months of 2009, exports are now slowing down," says John Whitehead, Director, FDEA. "This shows that we can't be complacent and exporters need support to take advantage of current strong trading conditions and significant opportunities.
"We are therefore calling for more food and drink producers to join forces with the FDEA now so we can help to secure a long-term national export strategy to the benefit of all.