FDECFaculty Diversity and Equity Committee (California State University)
FDECFlorida District Export Council
FDECFull Decorrelator
FDECFrequency-Dependent Electromagnetic Coupling
FDECFlat or Depressed Early Colon Cancer (gastroenterology)
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"FDEC could better employ long-term radioactive waste management principles (beyond the segregation, relocation and dose reduction/shielding currently performed)," the agency said.
The sequential method--Optimization functions In the sequential method, first the demand side parameters are optimized for either the minimum building energy demand, [f.sup.e.el.sub.d] and [f.sup.pe.sub.d], or for the total cost, fdec:
The value of the rectangle FDEC represents the tax revenue raised under the new taxing scheme.