FDEDFonds de Développement Économique de Djibouti (French: Economic Development Fund of Djibouti; Djibouti)
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Boogaard's Estate originally fded suit against the NHL in 2014.
That defense is not available if the debtor proves that the involuntary petition was fded for an "improper purpose," e.g., out of personal ill-will or to exert undue pressure over the debtor.
Since the position of the Service is that businesses cannot be considered for ETA offers, the Service returned the offer stating the offer was fded only to delay collection activity.
Due to the large number of patent cases fded, it was impractical to
(70) An unusual aspect of this statute allows a Louisiana court to reinstate the suit after it is fded in the "appropriate foreign forum within sixty days" of the forum non conveniens dismissal, but the "foreign forum is unable to assume jurisdiction over the parties or does not recognize" the cause of action.
Harold Lampley ("Lampley"), an employee of the Missouri Department of Social Services Child Support Enforcement Division, fded two complaints with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights ("MCHR")--and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") per their work share agreement (19)--against his employer in 2014.
The practitioner simply changed the reporting of the 2008 income to passive on that year's timely fded return and netted it against the Hardys' current- and prior-year passive activity losses.
The UCC fded a complaint against Mepco, seeking a declaratory judgment regarding the validity and priority of Mepco's security interests and subordination of Mepco's claims.
(193) Yet, based on the number of charges fded, illegal substance use--particularly that of drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine--are more prevalent in the state today than ever before.
(80) Indeed, the imposition of the automatic stay in bankruptcy is a powerful tool for holding pushy creditors at bay: once a bankruptcy case is fded and the automatic stay is in place, creditors can no longer enforce their prepetition claims against the debtor, nor demand any payments for those claims.
The Virginia Community College System recently agreed to suspend its limits on campus speech while negotiations are under way with legal counsel for Christian Parks, a student at Thomas Nelson Community College, who fded suit over being banned from preaching in a courtyard on the Hampton campus.
On April 5, 2011, Kane fded a qui tam action against the Hospitals and Healthfirst (collectively, "Defendants") alleging they violated the federal FCA, as well as its New York and New Jersey state analogues, (148) by failing to report and return the Medicaid overpayments included in his spreadsheet within the appropriate amount of time.