FDEMFlorida Division of Emergency Management
FDEMFormación y Desarrollo Empresarial (Spanish: Training and Business Development)
FDEMFonds de Développement Emploi-Montréal (French: Job Development Fund-Montreal; Montreal, Canada)
FDEMFinite Difference Element Method (software)
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FDEM is seeking proposals from qualified vendors for an effective, multi-media marketing campaign that promotes the FDEM Get a Plan message through sporting events and sports teams.
The FDEMS micro sensor technique ought to be more widely used, particularly in monitoring cure and degradation of a coating.
A probable reason why FDEMS is not used more widely is that there is a limited understanding by practitioners in the coating industry of the physical principles upon which the instrumental technique is based.
While FDEMS is an extremely powerful sensing technique for coatings, it is important to understand that it does not displace conventional rheological, calorimetric, and optical techniques.
g])), the FDEMS output can be used to continuously monitor the buildup in an end-use property such as [T.
FDEMS output similar to Figure 2 can be used to monitor the variation in cure rate with temperature, humidity, airflow, pigment loading, catalyst concentration, thickness, age, batch, etc.
These FDEMS results clearly indicate that below 10[degrees]C, the curing is greatly retarded and full cure is not achieved.
Next, the FDEMS sensor is used to examine the extent of softening of the first coat if 24 hr elapse before the second coating is applied.
The ability of the FDEMS sensor to monitor cure in a proprietary latex coating is shown in Figure 6.
Figure 7 displays the output of a FDEMS sensor which monitored UV cure of a specially formulated epoxy coating.
The one-second delay may reflect either the diffusion kinetics and/or the fact that the FDEMS sensor sees the bottom portion of the epoxy coating.
Figure 9a, an enlargement of Figure 7, displays the sensitivity of the FDEMS signal to monitor cure completion over the 0.