FDGBFall Down Go Boom (medical slang; also a band)
FDGBFreie Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund
FDGBFAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Data Governance Board (US FAA)
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La FDGB era la central sindical de la RDA y su funcion principal era transmitir la ideologia del Estado a toda la clase trabajadora.
Por ejemplo, su pertenencia al FDGB y a la Sociedad por la Amistad Germano-Sovietica.
"The FDGB, the documents say, also co-ordinated the shipping of food parcels, clothing and so on to British miners."
The FDGB was founded in 1945 and, like the FDJ, was for all intents and purposes a tool of the SED.
This purge atop the FDGB and its sudden declaration of independence from the SED has not altered its essential nature.
Nonetheless, a movement exists at the base of the FDGB which is attempting to transform it into a genuinely democratic labour body.
This grouping is predicated on "the conviction that the FDGB is not reformable and we (East German workers) therefore need an entirely new organization." Consistent with this, its founding activists maintain that "there exists between working people on one side and management and the State on the other side a conflict of interests." Very significantly, this commitment to an adversarial approach to labour relations is further expressed in an explicit rejection of the co-determination policies adopted by the DGB in West Germany.