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FDHFriss Die Haelfte (German: Eat Half As Much)
FDHFiber Distribution Hub (fiber optic enclosure)
FDHFocal Dermal Hypoplasia
FDHFlorida Department of Health (Tallahassee, FL)
FDHForeign Domestic Helper
FDHFriedrichshafen, Germany - Friedrichshafen - Lowenthal (Airport Code)
FDHFat, Dumb, and Happy
FDHFurthest Drive Home (UK band)
FDHFlorida Holding (Romania)
FDHFluor Daniel Hanford, Incorporated
FDHFailure Detection and Handling
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The introduction of the FDH 3000 was an important industry first, allowing end-users to future-proof their Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks.
This new configuration is the latest addition to the OmniReach FDH 3000 series cabinets, the industry's first infrastructure cabling cabinet for independent carriers, utilities, and municipalities.
The EZ-Plug FDH is a compact entry hub that can house up to four 1x32 Direct Connect[TM] Splitter modules to service 144 living units.
Most owners of these towers will rely on the original manufacturer for modifications to existing structures, and now that is FDH Velocitel.
The total number of FDH, for example, was 237,104 in Hong Kong in 2002, accounting for about 7% of the total labor supply and 16% of female labor supply (Hong Kong Task Force on Population Policy 2003).
Perhaps most importantly, for large numbers of inputs and outputs, the order-m estimator requires far less data to obtain meaningful estimates of inefficiency than do frontier estimators, such as DEA or FDH.
4] analog, is thought to eliminate the problem of tracer binding to albumin and especially albumin in FDH patients.
1979) reported that FDH plays an important role in formaldehyde metabolism.
With APG, FDH has invested in a scalable performance monitoring platform that can be extended right across their IT environment," says Steve McCarthy, Sales Director at Watch4net.
The FDH estimator for productivity efficiency scores: Asymptotic properties.
On the estimation of returns to scale in FDH models, European Journal of Operational Research 174(2): 1055-1059.
FDH, inset, is one of those rare, charismaoozing characters, whose musical and mental eccentricity come from a genuine place.