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QualTek's acquisition includes FDH Velocital's assets related to Velocitel and Site Safe divisions.
In order to assist families with the need to extend the contract with their current FDH for more than a month, the Commissioner for Labour has given in principle consent for all FDH contracts that will expire on or before December 31, 2017, to vary the period stated in Clause 2 of the SEC by extending the period of employment up to February 28, 2018, on the basis that such variation is mutually agreed by both the employers and the FDHs.
FDH Bank, a Malawi-based commercial bank, has opened a new branch in the eastern district of Balaka, an online report said.
Valores medios de los Factores de Aparicion y Desaparicion de Hogares FAH FDH Edades 15-39 40-59 60-74 75+ Valor medio 17,9 2,6 -3,2 -42,9 Fuente: Elaboracion propia a partir de la tabla 1 Tabla 3.
When FDH Bancshares sold to Little Rock's First Commercial Corp.
However, this idea did not go down well with parliament and civil society organisations, who put up stiff resistance earlier this year when the government announced that it was selling a 75% stake for $12m to FDH, the only bidder.
Likewise FDH is quite stringent regarding input substitution.
Like the bear for which it is named, the FieldSmart Makwa FDH can be placed either above or below ground, is environmentally protected, versatile, scalable, damage resistant, easily accessible and cost effective.
FDH is characterized by skin abnormalities such as streaks of very thin skin or different shades, clusters of visible veins and wartlike growths.
Refletir as n estimativas reciprocas para cada fronteira eficiente ( FDH , BCC , e CCR ) sobre a unidade, e determinar os parametros respectivos de largura de banda [h.
The third part presents the methodological framework, including the formal description of DEA and FDH, the specification of the calculations, and the reasons to select the inputs and outputs variables used.
La metodologia Free Disposal Hull FDH constituye una tecnica no parametrica deterministica para el analisis de la eficiencia del gasto publico.