FDHAFederal Department of Home Affairs (Switzerland)
FDHAFlorida Dental Hygiene Association (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
FDHAFinnish District Heating Association (Helsinki, Finland)
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Except for urease, activities of the other six enzymes estimated (dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, aryl sulfatase, [beta]-glucosidase and FDHA) were, on average, higher in Inceptisols, followed by Entisols and Alfisols.
Correlation among the estimated soil enzyme activities DHA, Dehydrogenase activity; FDHA, fluorescein diacetate hydrolysing activity; URE, urease; [beta]-glu, [beta]-glucosidase ; AcP, acid phosphatase; AlkP, alkaline phosphatase; ArS, aryl sulfatase.
Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lukas Bruhin, Secretary General of the FDHA and Benno BEnttig, Secretary General of the FDFA, signed the Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate increased collaboration and to start the process of establishing concrete initiatives.
The text of the bill was jointly developed by the Florida Dental Hygiene Association (FDHA) and the Florida Dental Association and submitted on behalf of both associations.
Betty Dalton, RDH, BS, chair of the FDHA Council on Governmental Affairs reflected, "Persistence, patience, planning and a lot of hard work for many years and many dedicated individuals working together as a team [have] paid off to improve access to oral health care for the underserved in Florida."
The most important thing ADHA membership has done for me: I have met amazing women at ADHA and FDHA symposiums.
The Florida Dental Hygiene Association (FDHA) had strongly opposed allowing unlicensed persons to either scale or probe, pointing out the obvious concerns about supragingival scaling alone being a non-therapeutic procedure and the possibility for physical harm to the patient from either probing or scaling performed by inadequately trained persons.