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FDIAFire Detection Installers Association (South Africa)
FDIAFederal Deposit Insurance Act of 1950
FDIAFailure Detection-and-Isolation Arrangement
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On a case-by-case basis, the government can decide to impose bank subsidiary losses on either a bank's creditors using an FDIA resolution, or on BHC creditors using the SPOE strategy.
The changes to the FDIA provide that the disclosure of information to FDIA-covered agencies would not result in a waiver of privilege.
The FDIA enables regulators to more effectively combat systemic risk.
Congress has written safe harbors into the Bankruptcy Code and the FDIA
insolvent banks and their holding companies into an FDIA receivership to
5321(a) and 5322, to include violations of geographic targeting orders issued under that Act and willful violations of regulations prescribed under the record keeping requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act, found in Section 21 of the FDIA, 12 U.S.C.
The federal bank regulatory agencies on December 21, 2000, approved the issuance of final regulations implementing the CRA Sunshine Requirements of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (FDIA), which were recently enacted by the Gramm--Leach--Bliley Act.
FDIA, owned by venture capital firm Duke Street Capital, became the preferred bidder in mid-November.
Clearly, none of the animals sold by FDIA should end up in animal sanctuaries with such a policy."
To end this problem, the FDIA bank resolution process should be amended by law to require the FDIC to break up banks over a certain asset-size threshold should they fail.
In the midst of the savings and loan crisis, Congress passed FIRREA, amending the Federal Deposit Insurance Act of 1950 ("FDIA") (139) to strengthen the FDIC's authority to put troubled financial institutions into conservatorship or receivership and to repudiate contracts entered into by those depository institutions.
Insolvent insured depository institutions are resolved under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (FDIA), as amended by the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (FIRREA), and subsequent acts.