FDJJFlorida Department of Juvenile Justice
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The "rate" of physical restraints has been defined by FDJJ as the number of interventions per 1,000 resident days.
FDJJ developed a "strength-based" strategy for reducing the use of physical restraints that included an in-depth review of the programs that had significantly reduced, or essentially eliminated, the use of physical intervention with youths.
The FDJJ Programming and Technical Assistance Unit convened a multidisciplinary group of subject matter experts in an effort to identity and define the most significant elements of effective behavior management.
The FDJJ Behavior Management System Improvement Initiative involved the development of a training curriculum utilizing the content material that was developed in phase one.
That assistance and support is provided by FDJJ regional staff as part of their routine monitoring responsibilities.
FDJJ recognizes the importance of a safe environment from both a treatment and a risk-management perspective.