FDLBFood and Drug Laboratory Branch (California Department of Public Health)
FDLBFreunde Das Leben Beginnt (German TV series)
FDLBFinite-Difference Lattice Boltzmann (fluid mechanics model)
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Currently, let S emit 2 units and R 4 units; although the total of 6 units satisfies the constraint, under this regulation regime, S and R may agree to the following distribution of emissions: R decreases its emissions from 4 to 3 units and incurs an additional abatement cost of FDLB'; S increases its emission from 2 units to 3 and saves BALB' in abatement cost.
The Foreign Office was forced to evacuate embassy buildings and the last of the 24 officials left on o FdLb Friday.
Fermoba Diffus, which is under receivership since November 2009, was acquired via Bruno-Petit's financial holding Financiere de la Barse (FDLB).