FDLDFederal Depository Library Directory (US GPO)
FDLDFluorescence-Detected Linear Dichroism
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Finally, in a move designed to unify the opposition in its quest for a multiparty political system, both the Issa-based MNDID and the Afar-based FDLD formed a joint organization known as the Union des Mouvements Democratiques (UND) in January 1990.
For example, the first president (and, as of December 1992, first vice president) of the FRUD was Mohamed Adoyta Youssouf, an Afar who served as the secretary general of the FDLD and was a member of the executive committee of the MPL.
(8.) Araujo NPD, Britto Filho DCC, Santos FDLD, Costa RVD, Zoc coli TLV, Novaes MTCG.