FDLSFrequency Domain Least Squares (algorithm)
FDLSFundamentalist Church of the Latter-Day Saints (religious group)
FDLSFilles de la Sagesse (French: Daughters of Wisdom; Canada)
FDLSForces Distance Learning Scheme (UK)
FDLSFast Deployment Logistics Ship (contracted transport)
FDLSFault Detection Location System
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Every FDLS girl understood that as soon as she turned twelve she could be married off at the whim of the Prophet [Church president].
It was not until two years later that Jessop finally succeeded in escaping completely the tentacles of FDLS.
Interviewed on 60-Minutes by Anderson Cooper on 360 degrees and on ABC television's program Primetime Live and in countless print articles Jessop has become a high-profile opponent of the FDLS.