FDNCThe Future Does Not Compute (book)
FDNCFoundation for the Development of Needy Communities (Mbale, Uganda)
FDNCFormula Dodge National Championship (race)
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With funding from Public Health England, the 7th edition has been produced by FDNC in collaboration with British Nutrition Foundation, the Royal Society of Chemistry and two analytical laboratories (Eurofins and LGC).
Tabela 2--Valores de pH, poder tampao (PT), carboidratos soluveis (CHO-Sol), Etanol, proteina bruta (PB), materia mineral (MM), fibra em detergente neutro livre de cinzas (FDNc) e acidos organicos (acetato, propionato, butirato e lactato) de silagens de cana-de-acucar com diferentes proporcoes de erva-sal.
The book is used widely by researchers, dietitians and students in both the UK and internationally," said Paul Fingias, Head of the Food Databanks National Capability (FDNC) at the Institute of Food Research (IFR), that coordinated the data compilation.