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In Florida students have to pass the FCAT 10 in their sophomore year to be eligible for a high school diploma (FDOE, 2006).
Florida provided estimates of student learning for 1st-year teachers from virtually all TPPs within its borders (FDOE, 2005, 200%).
Under an approach such as the Florida (FDOE, 2009a, 2009c) value table approach, each teacher would be fully accountable for a student's growth even if they share teaching responsibilities for a student with other teachers.
Metamodel Metamodel Metamodel based based RSM (8) based FDOE Neural Network (9) (this paper) LP4 562 500 472 LP5 77 500 286 LP6 274 168 207 LP7 212 464 675 LP8 675 500 234 OMFTP1 60.00 61.08 60.00 OMFTP2 65.00 65.00 65.00 OMFTP3 60.00 59.99 60.00 Distance 0 1.08 0 The results of the comparative study between the three methods show at first, all methods which are metamodel based approach, give an acceptable solution.
The FDOE also allowed school districts to appeal a school's lower grade (which is partly based on FCAT scores) if the hurricanes had an aversive impact on a school's learning environment (e.g., double sessions) and a high percentage of students experienced major damage to their home or loss of parent's employment or family member's life (FDOE, 2004b).
"'Despite the challenges posed this year to our teachers and students by the unprecedented 2004 Hurricane Season, the FCAT results released today illustrate Florida students continue to improve,' Governor Jeb Bush said" (FDOE, 2005a).
The CSHP activities in Florida focus on strengthening the capacity of FDOE to give local education agencies the training and technical assistance essential to developing and improving coordinated school health programs at the district and individual school levels.
In 1990, the FDOE began to use the data collected through FIRN for reporting on the P-12 education system.
of Education (FDOE) issued a recommendation to its 67 school districts to address sexual misconduct toward students.
Due to budgetary concerns, the FDOE restructured the Writing portion of the FCAT assessment program for 2010.
In particular, this brief examines the ongoing efforts of the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to meet both the letter and spirit of the 1990 Consent Decree between the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Florida Department of Education.