FDOFFlorida Division of Forestry (est. 1927)
FDOFFlorida Department of Forestry
FDOFFunctional Degrees of Freedom (biomechanics)
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The mention of functional degrees of freedom (fDOF) which offers a method for using less complex actuation strategies to simplify the complex multi-DOF movements [24, 59] and the development of soft-bodied robots [60] both promote the application of exoskeleton robotics.
On the other hand, the complexity of device can be reduced according to the concept of fDOF by using the linkage structure [24].
Although the end effector has the advantage in omitting the problem of the coincidence of joints, this merit can also be realized by underactuated exoskeleton robots based on the notion of fDOF. Besides, a lot of expense can be reduced, because the controlled DOF can be decreased according to the fDOF notion.