FDOSFirst Day of Service
FDOSFirst Day of School
FDOSFirst Day of Summer
FDOSFlooder Denial of Service
FDOSFloppy Disk Operating System
FDOSFlorida Department of State
FDOSFirst Day of Spring (Rita's promotion)
FDOSFrom Date of Service (various states)
FDOSFinest Depth of Sort (US Postal Service)
FDOSFixed Disk Operating System
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JP 5-0 Joint Planning states that "contingency plans should provide a range of military options, to include flexible deterrent options (FDOs) and/or flexible response options (FROs) and should be coordinated with the total US government response." (13) JP 5-0 also suggests combining the instruments of national power (DIME) as the most effective deterrent.
Both of these approaches push the overhead for networking, encryption devices, FDOs, etc.
To identify potential noncitizen registered voters, FDOS and DHSMV compared DHSMV records with voter registration rolls to determine citizenship status.
SNAF planners found that interceptor crews were quite dependent on the opinions of air controllers or FDOs, even in essence psychologically subordinate to them.
A strong personal relationship with fires officers allows FDOs to explain the compromises involved in fulfilling a particular air support request when they predict excessive impact to achieving the commander's intent.
When [T.sub.attack]=[l.sub.attack]=1s, R=20Mbps, i.e., the FDoS attack occurring, that is, [H.sub.2]=True, it gets S = -0.07.
Typical post-Cold War FDOs eschew employment of nuclear capabilities, but the growing complexity of deterrence in a multipolar, proliferated nuclear world may require demonstrating the potential to employ the strongest military measures.
With constant turnover in FDOs within AFMC, the AFSAC/IAD identified the need to develop and administer a formal training class for all new FDOs within the command.
This finding indicates that AFLMA determined FDOs were committing a common error by starting the contractor's fee entitlement at 100 percent and making reductions based on performance rather than starting at zero and working up (as the FAR requires).
Sometimes radar operators on the carriers would be called upon to locate pilots lost over the open sea after a long engagement; and sometimes the FDOs would vector fighters out to cover a downed pilot in his rubber raft until he could be rescued by submarine or seaplane.
[15.] Fernandes TDL, Nascimento CMBD, Sousa FDOS. Analise das atribuicoes dos fonoaudiologos do NASF em municipios da regiao metropolitana do Recife.