FDPCFront Démocratique du Peuple Centrafricain (French: Democratic Front of the Central African People)
FDPCFrome & District Pistol Club (UK)
FDPCFull Duplex Packet Cascading (Vtrails)
FDPCFont Development and Promotion Center (Adobe)
FDPCFederal Data Processing Center(s)
FDPCFrequency-Dependent Phase Compensation
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15 -- VCI Hospitality Limited, under the aegis of FDPC, kicked off the wedding season with an announcement of the Aamby Valley India Bridal Week 2010, showcasing bridal wear from the most coveted designers in the country at the Sahara Star, Mumbai.
A ceasefire with UFDR and another rebel group, FDPC, has generally held since June, according to the UN secretary-general's most recent report on the country, although newer information suggests that FDPC may have been involved in a deadly ambush against government troops on November 11.
The opening of the dialogue had been planned for June 8 but was postponed pending the deal between the government and the rebels."The hardest part is yet to come," Jean Jacques Demafouth of the APRD, said.The third rebel force, the Democratic Front (FDPC) led by Abdoulaye Misaine, was represented at the ceremony but did not sign.