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Eighty-one urine samples (first morning void) with fDPD concentrations ranging from 13 to 184 nmol/L were assayed, using the Pyrilinks[degrees][degrees]-D (Metra Biosystems) method as the reference (x) and the two automated procedures (J) in a correlation study.
When biology is used to set analytical goals, desirable imprecision (CV) is less than or equal to one-half of the average within-subject biological variation (i.e., for urinary fDPD, total CV [less than or equal to] 6.7%), and desirable inaccuracy (bias) is less than or equal to one-quarter of the group (within-subject plus between-subject) biological variation (i.e., for urinary fDPD, average bias [less than or equal to] 5.5%) (6).
Within-run CV Between-day Mean fDPD (n = 20) CV (n = 10) ACS:180 82 nmol/L 4.1% 9.0% 304 nmol/L 2.6% 4.2% Immulite 78 nmol/L 5.6% 3.9% 289 nmol/L 4.7% 3.2%