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FDRFranklin Delano Roosevelt
FDRFoncière des Régions (French real estate investment trust company)
FDRFlight Data Recorder
FDRFalse Discovery Rate
FDRFixed Deposit Reciept
FDRForum Deutsches Recht (German: German Law Forum)
FDRFormal Dining Room
FDRFreedom Debt Relief (consumer finance)
FDRFahr Dynamik Regelung
FDRFull-Depth Reclamation (road resurfacing procedure)
FDRFondo di Rotazione (Italian: Revolving Fund)
FDRFull Dress Rehearsal (various organizations)
FDRFull Dress Rehearsal (performance)
FDRFinal Design Review
FDRFirst Degree Relative
FDRFrequency Domain Reflectometry
FDRFrente Democrático Revolucionario (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Front)
FDRFull-Depth Repair (pavement restoration technique)
FDRFirst Data Resources
FDRFirst Tier, Downstream or Related Entity (healthcare compliance)
FDRFlood Damage Reduction
FDRFlow Data Record
FDRFederal Dispute Resolution
FDRFinal Drive Ratio (automotive)
FDRFull Disclosure Report
FDRFront Desk Representative (various organizations)
FDRFranklyn D. Resorts (Jamaica)
FDRFace Down Records
FDRFlood Damage Rehabilitation (various organizations)
FDRFrequency Directed Run-Length
FDRForeign Disaster Relief
FDRFranklin Delano Romanowski (Seinfeld character)
FDRFraudulent Document Recognition (various organizations)
FDRFirearm Discharge Residue (forensic science)
FDRFailure Divergence Refinement
FDRFree Domain Radio (website)
FDRFlorida Department of Revenue (also seen as FDOR)
FDRFuture Digital Radio
FDRFlight Deck Resources (aviation; Irvine, CA)
FDRField Data Replicator (Vibration Research Corporation)
FDRFault Detection Rate
FDRFormal Design Review
FDRFinnish Depositary Receipt
FDRField Data Report
FDRFloating Drilling Rig
FDRFarnam Defensive Rifle
FDRFirst Day Return
FDRFuture Data Radio
FDRFailure Discrepancy Report
FDRFlight Data Review
FDRForce Distribution Report
FDRFunctional Design Requirement
FDRFast Dump and Restore (Innovation product)
FDRFrequency Dynamic Range
FDRFixed Directory Routing
FDRFrequency Domain Refractometer
FDRForward Door Relay
FDRForce Development Requirements
FDRFire Discharge Residual (firearms)
FDRFull-Duplex Relaying
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FDR was known to have had at least two extramarital relationships, straining his marriage to Eleanor Roosevelt, who was loyal to the end to FDR, but who carved out her own niche and made a name for herself.
All this leaves little doubt that legislation passed during the FDR presidency did change life for the most vulnerable Americans in ways that have endured.
Like several of FDR's advisers, she lived in the White House, became part of the Roosevelt family, and had her own cabin at Warm Springs, Georgia, where FDR established a rehab center for polio victims in his determination not just to overcome his own paralysis but to treat other victims of the disease.
where [[alpha].sub.FDR] is the chosen control level for the FDR. That is, the threshold [p.sup.*.sub.FDR] for rejecting local null hypotheses is the largest [p.sub.(i)] that is no larger than the fraction of [[alpha].sub.FDR] specified by i/N.
The FDR Visionary Suite is Fujifilm's next generation complete x-ray room system.
Sensing a serious political rival, FDR bequeathed McNutt the position of High Commissioner to the Philippines.
Mosier argues that more analysis is needed on FDR's role in establishing the strategic bombing campaign; Joseph Edward Lee calls for new research on FDR's "enemies," such as Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and Charles Lindbergh; Patrick Reagan calls for more analysis of the business-federal government partnership that was born in the FDR administration, and Martin Halpern argues that more research needs to be done on individual American Federation of Labor-affiliated labor unions to understand the grassroots impact of the era.
At the same time, however, Roosevelt had a growing appreciation for the constraints that conditioned reformers' access to power, including the need "to avoid being typed as a flaming radical." Greater ideological purity might satisfy a La Follette, the 1924 presidential nominee of the quixotic Progressive Party, but FDR wanted to win, not lose virtuously.
Lastly, Kaiser takes on the latest generation of literature postulating that FDR sought to find a "back door to war" against Germany by implementing an oil embargo of Japan that he knew would provoke a Japanese military response.
Young Aljon Valencia guns for a repeat of his feat in the 2015 FDR Philippine Scooter Racing Championship Series while John Emerson Inguito tries to fortify his bid for a back-to-back p in the 2015 FDR Underbone King Championship Series which are both sanctioned by the Underbone and Scooters acing Association (USRA) and sponsored by FDR, the official tires.
But once in office, FDR's about-face was astonishing.