FDREFederal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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Seleshi Bekele, Minster of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)
(253.) See GTP II, supra note 170, at 2; see also, Ethiopian Industrial Development Strategic Plan (2013-2025), FDRE MINISTRY OF INDUS.
Article 39/3 of the Ethiopian Constitution (FDRE 1994) defines the power balance between the federal and regional level, and guarantees 'every Nation, Nationality and People in Ethiopia ...
The promotion of the economic, political, social rights of women and to that end to assist them to secure in particular full protection of their rights under the FDRE Constitution and the relevant human right conventions.
[15.] FDRE. (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) Food Security Strategy.
which exhibits constant returns to scale (CRS) and strong disposability of inputs and outputs (Fdre, Grosskopf, Norris, & Zhang, 1994).
The businesses are Fukuoka Daiei Real Estate (FDRE), a company mainly managing the land and buildings of the baseball stadium, Fukuoka Dome, a company operating the stadium, Hawks Town, a Tokyo-based consulting company, and Shin Kobe Kaihatsu, a Kobe-based hotel operator.
(17.) FDRE, Census Commission: Summary and statistical report of the 2007 Population and Housing census.
Hailemariam Dessalegn Prime Minister of the FDRE and Chairman of IGAD Assembly Witnessed by the
According to the 2007 housing and population census of Ethiopia, the Guji have a population of 1.6 million and 90 per cent of this population reside in a remote rural environment (FDRE 2007).
The 2002 FDRE Biotechnology Policy and Strategy proposed the development and expansion of education and R&D.