FDRLDemocratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda
FDRLFonds Départemental de Revitalisation du Loiret (French: Loiret Departmental Revitalization Funds; Loiret, France)
FDRLFoundation Dutch Russian Livestock
FDRLFluid Dynamics Research Laboratory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Boston, MA)
FDRLFranklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum (presidential library; Hyde Park, NY)
FDRLFort Davis Regional Library (Washington, DC)
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(15.) Daniels to Roosevelt, June 4, 1938, Roosevelt Papers, PSF, Box 44, Diplomatic Correspondence, FDRL.
Rwanda is also not only accusing the DRC of colluding with dissidents but of failing to exercise jurisdiction over and control of its vast eastern North Kivu Province, which harbours numerous rebel groups and militia, including FDRL and other militants.
(21.) Two Morgenthau conversations with Hull, June 6, 1939, Morgenthau Diaries, FDRL.
18, 1933, FDRL OF 41-A, quoted in LEUCHTENBURG, Origins, supra note 6, at 350 (proposing a Court of twelve justices).
The above table indicates that neither prior to the formulation of FDRL nor after the imposition of FRDL the contingent liabilities pose any threat to the fiscal policy formulation.
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Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York (hereafter referred to as FDRL, HPNY).
Roosevelt Library (FDRL), Hyde Park, NY, Democratic National Committee Collection, Box 862, File: Budget.
in whatever districts they are conducted, computing the results in percentages, so that a current estimate is always available of sentiment' (Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library (FDRL) 1936, Hurja Papers, Box 70).
Civil Service Commission, "Secretarial Practice," 1942, McReynolds Papers, box 3, Committee on Administrative personnel, FDRL. Kwolek-Folland noted in her study of the life insurance industry that masculine and feminine character traits were assigned to different occupations.
This fdrl locus (flowering Dean recombinants) explains 16% of the genetic variation in flowering time, but has not been reported from previous mutation experiments.