FDRLDemocratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda
FDRLFonds Départemental de Revitalisation du Loiret (French: Loiret Departmental Revitalization Funds; Loiret, France)
FDRLFoundation Dutch Russian Livestock
FDRLFluid Dynamics Research Laboratory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Boston, MA)
FDRLFort Davis Regional Library (Washington, DC)
FDRLFranklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum (presidential library; Hyde Park, NY)
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The above table indicates that neither prior to the formulation of FDRL nor after the imposition of FRDL the contingent liabilities pose any threat to the fiscal policy formulation.
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FDRL is Europe's largest independent third part transaction card processor, whose clients include major banks and other financial institutions in the UK, Germany, Spain and Holland.
Frances Perkins, "Press Release," March 27, 1930, OGNY, Reel 177, FDRL.
that is the largest, independent third-party bank card processor in the United Kingdom, today jointly announced the signing of a 5-year agreement for FDRL to offer its clients HNC's Falcon payment card fraud detection system in a true, transaction-based implementation.
Members asked the Rwandan government to negotiate with the FDRL rebels with a view of ending the conflict therein, the way the DR Congo had agreed to negotiate with M23 rebels fighting in the east of the country.
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One of the largest card processing contracts in the UK, FDRL handles the card processing for NatWest's 4.