FDRPFaculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto (Brazilian law school)
FDRPFederation of Dining Room Professionals
FDRPFirst Destination Reporting Point
FDRPFamily Dispute Resolution Practitioner (law)
FDRPFinance and Development Research Programme (UK)
FDRPFlood Damage Reduction Project
FDRPFraud Detection & Recovery Project (Charlotte, NC)
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A total of seven communities undertook mitigation works and received funding from the FDRP. The City of Melville received $41,450 in funding support from the FDRP to undertake the engineering required to initiate flood protection works for their municipality.
The FDRP is anticipated to have $700,000 available in grants this year and will accept proposals in four categories from communities both urban (cities, towns and villages) and in rural municipalities (hamlets) as follows:
Using FDRp < 0.05, a few enriched pathways were identified including "negative regulation of cellular process" (GO term GO:0048523, FDR p = 0.04), "negative regulation of biological process" (GO:0048519, FDR p = 0.04), and the "integrin-linked kinase signaling" pathway (FDR p = 0.02).
The video was delivered anonymously to Ponomarev's FDRP, which then circulated it for public distribution.
Starting in August, the emergency program will now transition to the FDRP removing the emergency focus and looking more towards long-term projects.
When we considered all associations with FDRp < 0.05, a total of 1,829 CpG sites were associated with 28-day average [PM.sub.2.5] (see Excel File S1), including 5 in genes with at least one Bonferroni significant CpG (also shown in Table 3): cg16856342 (SERBP1, chr 1), cg02795981 (ZM1Z1, chr 10), cg24101979 and cg26283240 (NXN, chr 17) and cg06004017 (MN1, chr 22).
1975 Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP) - Joint Federal/Provincial funding for disaster relief and development of flood hazard mapping.
The Canada-Ontario Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP) provided funding to map several areas in the Grand River Watershed and other areas of the province from 1978 to 1993.