FDSCiFuture Defence Supply Chain Initiative (Ministry of Defence, UK)
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FDSCI fired with a 20 mm cannon from an armored personnel carrier into the crowd." (27) This incident was one of the key reasons that the Security Council gave the mandate to UNOCI to protect civilians against the use of heavy weapons.
d'Ivoire (FDSCI), to yield to the authority vested by the Ivorian
The idea came earlier this month when the African Union (AU) met and recognized Alassane Ouattara as the legal president of the West African country following last November's elections.The Council President Li Baodong of China issued to the press through the UN Secretariat "elements" in which he said the Council expresses its "indignation at the UNOCI reports about brutal attacks against unarmed civilians allegedly committed by the Ivorian Defense (loyal to Gbagbo) and security forces (FDSCI)" at a market in Abobo yesterday, killing up to 30 people and wounding up to 60 others.