FDSEAFédération Départementale des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles (French: Departmental Federation of Farmers Unions)
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Mr Jean-Claude Depoil, of the FDSEA, the French farmers' union, was reported to have said: "Eighty per cent of industrially-produced meat in France is tainted with illegal drugs, hormones, growth activators or antibiotics." Report/Page 6
"Five francs is a terrible, unimaginable price," said Mr Bernard Chretien, head of the pork section of the FDSEA farm union.
No organization embraced the turn to productivism more enthusiastically than the national organization of French farmers, the FNSEA (Federation nationale des syndicats d'exploitants agricoles or National Federation of Farming Trade Unions, and its departmental affiliates the FDSEAs (Federations departementales, or Departmental Federations) (Note: French 'Departments" are regional administrative units of the highly centralized French state; there are 95 of them.) Formed in 1946, the FNSEA projected itself as the organization representing the unity of all farmers, large and small.