FDSIFinancial Data Solutions, Inc.
FDSIFreunde der Saarbrücker Informatik eV (German computer science association)
FDSIFranchise Development Services International
FDSIField Device System Integrator
FDSIFournisseur Désigné de Services Interubains
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However, FDSI strategy is only suitable for encoding the B frames which ref0 and ref1 are non-anchor B frames.
By combining the three strategies, FDSI, FDS and CRFS, we propose a fast MB mode selection algorithm for B frames in MVC, as shown in Fig.
Since the proposed algorithm incorporates the three strategies FDSI, FDS and CRFS, we also independently perform experiments for FDSI, FDS and CRFS algorithm to analyze their performances and contributions to the proposed joint fast algorithm.
where PSN[R.sub.pro], B[R.sub.pro] and [T.sub.pro] are the Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PNSR), bit rate and encoding time of FDSI, FDS, CRFS or the proposed algorithm, PSNR JMVM, BR JMVM and TJMVM are the PNSR, bit rate and encoding time of JMVM 7.0.
We can see that FDSI, FDS, CRFS and the proposed joint algorithm have good adaptability for all test sequences.