FDSLFederal Direct Student Loan
FDSLFormal Description of Slavic Languages (conference)
FDSLFederal Direct Stafford Loan
FDSLFamily Driven Softball League (Jacksonville, FL)
FDSLFixed Directory Subscriber List
FDSLFractional Digital Subscriber Line
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FDSL building was first used to house a public sector medical college
'The PC-I for the FDSL was approved on May 13, 2006, by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP).
In 2011, it was decided to shift the FDSL to the first floor (an area of 12,498 sq ft) of the National Control Laboratory, and the FMDC was established in the FDSL building, which has an area of 32,942 sq ft.'
The official added: 'Because of the decision, both FDSL and NCL were facing severe problems of space, as they had to do experiments and research work.'
The college finally started functioning after it was affiliated with the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University, but the FDSL continued to suffer,' he said.
An FDSL official who requested anonymity said the objective of the lab was to ensure that quality drugs were available to the public, by establishing a laboratory with a credible testing system that may obtain an international certificate and accreditation from the WHO.
These include FDSL, 8 clubs of ISL, Reliance Foundation and three NGOs - Magic Bus in Mumbai, Delhi, Raigad and Bangalore; Slum Soccer in Nagpur, Thane and Navi Mumbai; and Yuwa in Jharkhand.
Both are driving financial aid officials to evaluate leaving the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and go to Federal Direct Student Lending (FDSL).
Unless an institution has experience processing FDSL, the draw to go to a company with economies of scale and known relationships with the U.S.