FDTCFlorence Darlington Technical College (South Carolina)
FDTCFujitsu Display Technologies Corporation
FDTCFederation of Danish Textile & Clothing (trade organization; Denmark)
FDTCFetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center
FDTCFlorida Diesel Truck Club, Inc
FDTCFault Diagnosis and Tolerance Cryptography
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In the rest of the paper, except Theorem 5, we always assume that a probability measure [mu] is non-elementary and unbounded with respect to the FDTC quasimorphism.
The FDTC of a (closed) braid g is defined as the FDTC of g[phi], viewed as an element of MCG(S -{n points}).
We applaud the decision of Congress, which opted to protect our heritage," FDTC leader Alvarez told the press.
Figure 1 reveals the differences between profiles obtained with FDTC using Eq.
Figure 3a presents the thermogram at t = 6s, and figures 3b to 3f illustrate the spatial profiles over a straight line crossing the middle three defects of this image, from the original sequence, NC, m-DAC, FDTC and truncated FDTC (FDTC without offset) sequences.
The software will be used by FDTC students to train for positions in the medical and dental field so that they will be prepared upon graduation, for in-demand positions.
FDTC will use iMedicor's customizable electronic healthcare records systems for the medical field (iCoreMD) and the dental field (iCoreDental) as well as its iCoreExchange communications network that is available to the entire healthcare community.
Las mediciones CLM, EACG, HDTC, HAE, FDVC, FDTC y FAB presentan un efecto de tamano r > 0,68 en ambos lados (derecho e izquierdo) y corresponden tambien a las mediciones con mayor IDS.
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In comparison, FDTC, though struck hard by the economy, has a stronger industrial base of support to weather the economic storm.
Kim, "Differential fault analysis against AES-192 and AES256 with minimal faults," in Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography, FDTC 2010, pp.
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