FDTDFinite Difference Time Domain
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Improvements to FDTD meshing and the Automation API provide significant performance improvements across a wide range of applications.
'Thus, with a combination of Lumerical FDTD solutions and Zemax's OpticStudio, ultra-thin optical component meta-surfaces can be designed.'
The FDTD algorithm's memory access to number of operations ratio makes PC architectures suboptimal.
The influence of radius of point object on the GPR imaging is studied by FDTD method.
Comparisons with the numerical results of linearized Euler equations solved by the FDTD method have shown excellent agreement.
Then, it is introduced into the analysis of the dispersive FDTD computation in 2014 for the unified treatment of the Debye, Drude, and Lorentz medium [16-18].
This book explains the use of the high-precision finite difference time domain (FDTD) method to solve new problems in photonics and electromagnetic research, and how it and why it works.
Use the FDTD method to calculate the transmission electric fields excited by the same EMP.
here, D is the electric flux density, [[omega].sub.p] is the plasma frequency, [gamma] is the collision frequency, and [DELTA]t is the size of each time step in the FDTD grid.
Commonly available boundary conditions in FDTD computation are Dirichlet, periodic, and absorbing boundary conditions.
The multiphysics equations can be numerically solved by employing the FDTD method [23-27], which has been extended to model nonlinear and nonlocal effects in dispersive media.