FDTLMFrequency-Domain Transmission-Line Matrix
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When hybrid method is considered, the media under the surface ([summation]) is discretized by the FDTLM (2D mesh of the whole lower media) while the upper media is always characterized by the WCIP operator.
where the exponents W and F stand for WCIP and FDTLM, the operator S contains the transmission/reflection conditions on ([summation]), and [([S.sup.W.sub.i]).sub.i=uv,down] are the scattering operators for homogeneous media in domain i.
Initial mesh is characterized by a step size of 794 [micro]m both directions and by N = 16 for the FDTLM.
The 2D FDTLM node reformulated for hybridization with the WCIP is detailed in this paper in the TE and TM cases.
Incident and reflected waves are detailed at each port of the series FDTLM node:
Electromagnetic fields are deduced from wave definitions at each port of the series FDTLM node: