FDTPFrançois Dujardin Travaux Publics (French public works company)
FDTPFrom Dust to Planetesimals (astronomy workshop; Ringberg Castle, Germany)
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However, in terms of budgetary functionality, FDTP users report some common problems: (1) administrative units from public organizations that actually initiate the BIA procedure do not have access to SICP and SICGP information; and (2) PBGD at the SSE does not have access to SICP either, and therefore, they cannot supervise any budgetary transaction as a unique budgetary box office.
In terms of the speed criterion or transaction response, FDTP users present the following problematic: (1) transmissions delays due to overload Internet sessions and traffic saturation operations in BPCU and public organizations servers because the hourly connection with TESOFE; (2) transaction procedure transmission interruptions; (3) lack of a programming response system for these contingencies; and (4) nonexistent user service center response to these situations.
The low hierarchical position of TC in the FDTP team and the struggles between technical and non-technical people can partially explain some of these problems.
Some relevant institutional arrangements that affected the FDTP project were the following:(1) a BIA transaction does not need SHCP authorization, but it requires its registration on SSE systems; (2) every Budgeting General Direction in public organizations is responsible for BIA authorization; (3) BPCU is the SSE area responsible for BIA registration at SICP; (4) by contract, the BPCU area is responsible for internal hardware installation, software training, connectivity, and integration of the system; and (5) according to internal organizational regulations, the TC area is only responsible for technological assistance and backup to the SSE areas and sub-areas.
Second, the main organizational characteristic that had a direct impact over the FDTP project was the inter-organizational relation between BPCU and TC teams at the design and developing phases.
Reporting accessibility and information security policies confirmed that the FDTP project is a BPCU-needs-oriented project that does not meet the requirements of other administrative units and Budgeting or Financial General Direction users.