FDYFully Drawn Yarn (textiles; aka FOY, Fully Oriented Yarn)
FDYFindlay, Ohio (Airport Code)
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And since Bojangles' headquarters is also in Charlotte, FDY spent three years studying the franchisor's success, meeting with reps, and developing relationships.
From the AAFP, we obtained 330 usable names and addresses of all the family physicians who had been nominated for or named FDY for the years 1988 to 1993, inclusive.
The copolymer FDY was prepared under a first G/R speed of 5000 m/min, a second speed of 6150 m/min, a steam treatment pressure of 5 kg/[cm.
Since its market launch in 2010, the WINGS concept for FDY processing has established itself on the market with a total of more than 4,000 installed spinning positions across the globe.
FDY is spun in the same way as POY and subsequently drawn at high speed and then entangled before winding-up.
REDFORD-CARVER FDY PRODUCTS CO, 9995 SW Avery Street, PO Box 3210, Tualatin, DR, 97062-3210 tel: 503/692-5552 fax:
The Lis 200 laser inspection system by Lenzing Technik GmbH can be used for the fully-automatic online inspection of filament bobbins in a variety of materials including POY, DTY, FDY, Elastan, viscose and natural fiber yarns.
Furthermore, Oerlikon Barmag will be showcasing ground-breaking innovations in the areas of POY/DTY, FDY and IDY filament spinning and texturing as well as the manufacture of monofilaments.
FDY for the production of multifilament full drawn yarn to be used for tapes, belts, lifting ropes and mattress embroidery
We are adding BCF, IDY, FDY and texturing capacities in North America and are also modernizing equipment delivered many years ago.
Wissenberg said,Our latest WINGS technology (Winder Integrated Godet Solution) reduces the average energy consumption per tonne of POY (Preoriented Yarn) by 40% and that of FDY (Fully-drawn Yarn) by as much as 55% compared to the machines produced in the mid-1990s.