FE1Fractional E1 (part of a 2.048 Mbs Signal)
FE1Faecal Elastase 1
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However, different from FE1, the competing explanans generates a single consistent explanandum, recognizing the processual perspective of the phenomenon.
The FE1 coefficient suggests that the immediate reaction to low earnings surprises for all firm/team-city distances amounts to about a 3% to 3.4% lower return.
In Panel B of Table X, for the most and least accurate portfolios (FE1 and FE5), the average values of [R.sub.sq] are 0.382 and 0.400, respectively.
Therefore it represents all the indicators and dimensions (communication--COM1 to COM7), strategic formulation (FE1 to FE9), resources (REC1 to REC8), proactivity (PROA1 to PROA4) and stakeholder-serving (SS1 to SS6) that make up the construct.
After gold sputtering, microscopy images were acquired on an FE1 XL30 Sirion SEM with an FEG source and an EDX detector at 5-kV images was processed using the Analyze Particle function in the ImageJ software after manually defining the bubble edges.
* FE1. {x [disjunction] [bar.y], [bar.x] [disjunction] y : xy [member of] E (G), x [member of] [E.sub.ij], y [member of] [E.sub.rs], i,j [not member of] {r,s}, ir, js [member of] E (H)}
Esta funcao e por sua vez decomposta em funcoes menos complexas, denominadas de funcoes parciais (funcoes de nivel 2, definidas como FP1, FP2, FP3 e FP4) e estas em funcoes elementares (nivel 3, identificadas como FE1.1, FE1.2, FE2.1, FE2.2, FE2.3, FE2.4, FE2.5, FE2.6, FE2.7, FE3.1, FE3.2, FE4.1 e FE4.2).
FE1 Quanta 200 environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) with integrated energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) was used for imaging and major/ minor elemental characterization of cured samples at high voltage (25-30 kV) and low vacuum (60 Pa) without the need for the films over coating, eliminating spectral artifacts traditionally associated with sputter-coated materials.
In the other case, dealers will replace the two rear shock absorbers in about 2,000 2014 model year Chevrolet Corvettes with the FE1 or FE3 suspensions.
Elemento Prevencion P1 Juntas diarias P2 Mantenimiento preventivo del equipo P3 Capacitacion para la calidad P4 Auditorias 5's P5 Auditorias TIR P6 Auditorias internas P7 Mejora continua P8 Carrera de la calidad Elemento Evaluacion E1 Revision inicial de equipo E2 Auditorias de calidad E3 Auditorias de procesos E4 Pruebas destructivas E5 Pruebas de resistencia E6 Pruebas de penetracion E7 Ultrasonido E8 Analisis dimensional Elemento Fallas Internas FI1 Desperdicio FI2 Retrabajo FI3 Tiempo Extra FI4 Tiempo caido FI5 Mantenimiento correctivo FI6 Inspeccion FI7 Campanas Elemento Fallas Externas FE1 Quejas y rechazos FE2 Campanas con el cliente Fuente: Elaboracion propia.