FEACOEuropean Federation of Management Consultancies Associations
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Anthony Co, Feaco vice president, told the Inquirer that the company had started building containment walls around its tanks and re-enforcing these.
To give but one example, the private market research agency Alpha Publications (1996) ascertains the market shares of IT services to be 44 percent and of strategy services to be 14 percent in Europe, whereas the European Federation of Management Consulting Associations (FEACO 1997) calculates figures less than half these for the former services and double for the latter.
FEACO also estimates there are currently around 280,000 consultants operating in Europe.
FEACO predicts the market will experience lower overall growth this year, even if e-commerce related work is predicted to grow substantially.
Antonio Co, owner of Feaco, told the board that the discharge of 46,000 liters on Sept.
Molasses has no adverse effects on fish, Co said, adding that Feaco was not the only industrial establishment in the area.
EMB took the samples from a Feaco drainage canal in Barangay Sulipan in Apalit on Sept.
What is truly surprising is the big, sudden jump in the most recent years; but it is apparent that both KI and FEACO have redefined the field and expanded the scope of the sector.
Nucom said the extended shutdown would give Feaco time to fix its facilities and prevent future discharges of molasses and other substances into the river.
It traced the fish kill to pollution downstream of the Pampanga River, but did not attribute it to molasses leaking from the Feaco tanks.
The Feaco plant is located in Barangay San Vicente, beside a decommissioned alcohol fermentation factory owned by another company.
'I will not allow the resumption of Feaco operations until it apologizes to and gets clearances from the towns of Macabebe and Masantol,' Nucom told the Inquirer by telephone on Wednesday.