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FEATFeature (command used in connecting to a remote derver)
FEATFamilies for Effective Autism Treatment
FEATFamilies for Early Autism Treatment
FEATFine Error Averaging Test
FEATFalkirk Enterprise & Action Trust (UK)
FEATFlood Emergency Action Team
FEATFinancial & Economic Authors & Translators (France)
FEATFun and Educational Activities in Tents
FEATFuel-Efficiency Automotive Testing
FEATFacility for Exotic Atom Trapping (LBL)
FEATFlint Environmental Action Team
FEATFederal Employee Action Team
FEATFast Expeditionary Aviation Transport (US Navy)
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References in classic literature ?
"But surely, my fair lord," said Alleyne, "you have done some great feats of arms since we left the Lady Loring."
"Nay, nay," said the knight, "these were not feats of arms, but mere wayside ventures and the chances of travel.
But on that which was to follow, feats of archery, of bull-baiting, and other popular amusements, were to be practised, for the more immediate amusement of the populace.
Now, however, no whit anticipating the oblivion which awaited their names and feats, the champions advanced through the lists, restraining their fiery steeds, and compelling them to move slowly, while, at the same time, they exhibited their paces, together with the grace and dexterity of the riders.
To my surprise the only effects of my feat were a few slight contusions too trifling to care about.
I cried out, `Nobody but the Baron de Bracieux could have performed such a feat of strength.' You heard me, you turned round, you recognized me, we embraced; and, ma foi!
Thus he commented on his new feat, but it was also a reminder to me, a trifle cruel, that he was not my boy.
"For God's sake, Porthos my friend, reserve your feats of strength, or they will not have, when needed the honor they deserve.
He had a practical mind and moved uneasily amid the abstract; but he found an unexpected fascination in listening to metaphysical disquisitions; they made him breathless; it was a little like watching a tight-rope dancer doing perilous feats over an abyss; but it was very exciting.
But Don Quixote, supported by his intrepid heart, leaped on Rocinante, and bracing his buckler on his arm, brought his pike to the slope, and said, "Friend Sancho, know that I by Heaven's will have been born in this our iron age to revive revive in it the age of gold, or the golden as it is called; I am he for whom perils, mighty achievements, and valiant deeds are reserved; I am, I say again, he who is to revive the Knights of the Round Table, the Twelve of France and the Nine Worthies; and he who is to consign to oblivion the Platirs, the Tablantes, the Olivantes and Tirantes, the Phoebuses and Belianises, with the whole herd of famous knights-errant of days gone by, performing in these in which I live such exploits, marvels, and feats of arms as shall obscure their brightest deeds.
They performed the dizziest feats of arithmetic, soaring quite out of MY feeble range, and perpetrated, in higher spirits than ever, geographical and historical jokes.
This encounter, together with my set-to with the Martian warrior on the previous day and my feats of jumping placed me upon a high pinnacle in their regard.