FEBAFaculty of Economics and Business Administration (various universities)
FEBAFirst Enterprise Business Agency (est. 1989; Nottingham, UK)
FEBAFar East Broadcasting Associates (UK)
FEBAFeatures, Evidence, Benefits, and Agreement (training format)
FEBAForward Edge of the Battle Area
FEBAFar Eastern Broadcasting Association (West Sussex, England, UK)
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FEBA previously called this pot of funding the Young Person's Loan Fund.
The question becomes at what distance from the FEBA is the commander able to register credible effects on the enemy and at what distance is the enemy able to register credible effects on him.
As well as looking to the EU countries, FEBA therefore also calls upon MEPs to renew this "solidarity instrument" when they vote in March.
There is rarely a defining line like a FEBA or a FLOT beyond which the designated combatants fight while support personnel remain safely in the rear.
As this article has illustrated, the handling of significant quantities of data, which includes imagery, is now standard from the command level, down to troops in contact at the FEBA.
FEBA, set up by former Queen's Own Highlander Tommy Moffat in 2006, had been backed by First Minister Alex Salmond and former defence secretary Des Brow ne.
The maturation of the C-17 and its direct-delivery mission means it routinely departs from virtually any point in the world, crosses numerous COCOM boundaries, crosses the forward edge of the battle area (FEBA), lands or air-drops its package, passes the FEBA, and transits several more COCOMs before landing at its final destination.
The costly and vulnerable transmitter can be located well behind the forward line of battle (FEBA), hopefully out of harm's way, while one or more silent receivers can be placed close to the FEBA to receive target data.
Baillie then headed to Hamilton to meet Griffin, who was lying low at the cashstrapped FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area)warveterans' centre.
That's what describes the FEBA event Thursday evening.
The charity's Tommy Moffat, who also appeared on the phone-in, told listeners: "If it came to it, I would accept money for FEBA from Osama bin Laden, because our Government is not helping.