FEBIFront End Business Integration (US Department of Education)
FEBIFocused Electron Beam Irradiation
FEBIFederations Europeennes des Branches d'Industries
FEBIFront-End Bus Interface
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For example, there are five groups of Headubi people, linked through origin stories, which are associated with non-contiguous areas as much as 25 km apart on Konai, Febi, and Kubo land.
The focus of his report was with groups of people he considered to be members of the language group identified as Febi. In Table 9 of the report he listed these groups, as clans and subclans (2008:61-2).
In 2009, and through the years that followed, possibilities engendered by the PNG LNG project were often focal in the imaginings of Febi and Kubo people.
Will I Febi Armonici catch up with Concerto Italiano?
To maintain that edge, febi invested nearly $50 million in a new logistics center with a highly automated storage and order fulfillment system (Witron Integrated Logistics, www.witron.com).
More importantly, the new system has allowed febi to increase throughput while simultaneously reducing head count from more than 400 employees to 350 in operations.
By 1995, however, people at Gwaimasi occasionally obtained piglets from their Febi neighhours to the north.
CBC had established a mission among a community of Febi people to the northeast of Gwaimasi through the mid 1980s, and its message (somewhat modified in form) subsequently spread west and south to Kubo, carried by highlanders purporting to be deacons of the church.
If the tender for the first suppliers of new parts instead of new factory parts, you can not justify the quality of the components used in these particular vehicle, compile compliance of the following product will be accepted: Ashika, ATE, BEHR, BEHR-HELLA, BENDIX, BOSAL, BOSCH, BREMBO , CHAMPION, GATES, hello, Lemfrder, MANN, NGK, SACHS, SKF, VALEO, VARTA, LUK, CONTITECH, JAKOPARTS, KNORR, WABCO, MAHLE, MANN FILTER, MEYLE, REINZ, Wahler, ZF, KAYABA, TEXTAR, FEBI.
The approach is implemented in a hybrid finite element boundary integral (FEBI) solver for doubly periodic structures, which is well-suited for one- and two-dimensional artificial material compositions [16, 17].
In the next section, a hybrid FEBI method for 2D periodic problems will be discussed, which has been upgraded for consideration of complex [k.sub.0].
Part A-1: construction of a 30-inch, approximately 61 kilometer gas transmission pipeline from Ashuganj to Bakhrabad, and the installation of interface metering and regulating stations at selected locations (Monohordi, Dewanbag, Kutumbupur, Febi and Barabkundu); and