FEBRABANFederação Brasileira das Associações de Bancos (Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations; Brazil)
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In defending the state's maintenance of current rules, FEBRABAN compounds its political conservatism with a typically reactive stance.
This morning FEBRABAN and LexisNexis Risk Solutions signed a memorandum of understanding that covers an initial phase to detail the project and will guide exclusive negotiation of definitive documents for the establishment of the credit intelligence bureau.
O sucesso dessa estrategia esta apontado pelo crescimento de volume de transacoes que, no caso do Internet Banking, em 2010 apresentou 13,1 bilhoes de transacoes e em 2011 teve 15,7 bilhoes (20% de crescimento), ficando atras somente do autoatendimento que em 2010 apresentou 15,7 bilhoes de transacoes e em 2011 ficou com 17,3 bilhoes (10% de crescimento), segundo dados da FEBRABAN (2012).
TORINO, Italy & SO PAULO, Brazil -- Next week, Panini, a global payments processing technology provider, will exhibit at CIAB FEBRABAN, the premier financial technology event for Latin American markets.
Indeed, Finance Minister Levy indicated as much in his speech to the FEBRABAN conference, remarking that the green economy will be a future driver of competitiveness and productivity.
Using the FEBRABAN website, 96 highranking employees from financial institutions operating in Brazil were contacted.
Panini will showcase their extensive portfolio of payment processing solutions, including the Vision X, at Ciab FEBRABAN in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week.
During the first half of 2010, OpenPages further demonstrated deep expertise in the risk and compliance management industry, with OpenPages executives speaking at several notable industry events including the ABA Risk Management Forum, FS-ISAC Summit, and FEBRABAN International Operational Risk Conference in Brazil.
Additionally, Panini recently announced a new product to the Brazilian payments community at Ciab FEBRABAN 2010 and will release the product, along with other new solutions, to the global payments community this fall.
This news, along with the announcement of a new Panini product tailored to the needs of the Brazilian financial services market, was made public today at Ciab FEBRABAN 2010, one of the world's largest financial services events, in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Transamerica Convention Center.
Who: < < Chris Sheehan, regional sales manager, OpenPages < < Nelson Pinochet, principal solution consultant, OpenPages < < James Jorgensen, managing consultant, OpenPages < < What: < < 3rd FEBRABAN International Operational Risk Conference < < http://bit.
08h00-18h00 Registration Credenciamento 08h30-12h40 8h30--9h15 Abertura: Elder Aquino--Diretor Setorial da Comissao de Auditoria Interna da FEBRABAN e Diretor de Auditoria Interna do Banco Itau Unibanco e Coordenadores do Evento 9h15--10h05 Os Novos Desafios da Auditoria Continua-- Prof.