FECBFar East Combined Bureau (est. 1935; UK)
FECBFlood and Erosion Control Board
FECBForeign Exchange Control Board (Canadian governmental agency to control foreign exchange during WWII)
FECBFecundity Gene, Booroola, of Sheep, Homolog Of
FECBFederal Employees' Compensation Benefits (US DOL)
FECBFabrique d'Etiquettes Cartonnages Bijouterie (French: Cardboard Labels Jewelry Factory)
FECBFiduciaire d'Expertise Comptable de Belgique (French: Trust Accounting Expertise of Belgium; Belgiqum)
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By this stage the FECB had been instructed that there should be a full exchange of intelligence with the Americans, including signals intelligence.
In the course of his discussions with senior RAN officers, Wylie stated that there was an interchange of intelligence between the FECB and the Dutch but that no real intelligence was being provided.
43} Clearly, by mid-1941, the FECB were not only co-operating with the United States and Dutch signals intelligence organisations in the region by exchanging material but were also, in the case of the Dutch, either conducting or planning to conduct, operations with a degree of co-ordination previously not suspected.
In August 1939, with the deteriorating military and political situation in the Far East, the FECB was relocated to Singapore.
The main base for the reconstituted signals intelligence organisation was to be HMS Anderson on the outskirts of Colombo, where about half the former FECB naval staff were located.
49} The answer to the first question is that the FECB was relatively successful in what they did.