FECBFar East Combined Bureau (est. 1935; UK)
FECBFlood and Erosion Control Board
FECBForeign Exchange Control Board (Canadian governmental agency to control foreign exchange during WWII)
FECBFecundity Gene, Booroola, of Sheep, Homolog Of
FECBFederal Employees' Compensation Benefits (US DOL)
FECBFabrique d'Etiquettes Cartonnages Bijouterie (French: Cardboard Labels Jewelry Factory)
FECBFiduciaire d'Expertise Comptable de Belgique (French: Trust Accounting Expertise of Belgium; Belgiqum)
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In this study, we constructed a vector containing the porcine BMPR1B CDS with the mutant allele (G) at the FecB site by site-directed mutagenesis, and then introduced the vector into primary porcine fetal fibroblasts (PFF) by liposome-mediated transfection.
Marker assisted selection for FecB carriers in Booroola Awassi crosses.
The FEDO and the Admiralty's Reporting Officer organisation enabled the FECB to maintain an extensive plot detailing the movements of Japanese naval and merchant ships as well as other shipping of naval interest.
The mutation is closely linked to the high prolificacy of Booroola Merino ewes, and the A746G mutation of the BMPR-IB gene located at chromosome 6 has been defined as FecB (Mulsant et al., 2001; Wilson et al., 2001).
Pour un exemple plus recent, voir CLS, Plainte presentee par l'Internationale de l'education (IE), au nom de la Federation canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants (FCE) et la Federation des enseignantes et des enseignants de la Colombie-Britannique (FECB) contre le gouvernement du Canada (Colombie-Britannique), Cas no 2405, 340e Rapport, Bulletin Officiel, vol LXXXVIX, 2006, serie B, no 1, 452 [Cas no 2405].
Investigation of the Booroola (FecB) and Inverdale (FecX(I)) mutations in 21 prolific breeds and strains of sheep sampled in 13 countries.
Prolificacy and lamb survival at birth in Awassi and Assaf sheep carrying the FecB (Booroola) mutation.
In sheep, three prolificacy loci have been discovered, namely bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 1B (BMPR1B; or activin-like kinase 6, ALK6), known as FecB (Booroola) on chromosome 6 (Souza et al., 2001) corresponding to the human chromosome 4q22-23 (Montgomery et al., 1993); growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9), known as FecG on chromosome 5 (Hanrahan et al., 2004); and bone morphogenetic protein 15 (BMP15) known as FecX on chromosome X (Hanrahan et al., 2004; Galloway et al., 2000).
Investigation of the Booroola (FecB) and Inverdale ([FecX.sup.I]) mutations in 21 prolific breeds and strains of sheep sampled in 13 countries.