FECGFreie Evangelische Christus Gemeinde (German: Free Evangelical Community of Christ)
FECGFiduciaire l'Entente de Comptabilité et Gestion (French: Trust Agreement of Accounting and Management; Morocco)
FECGFinancial Executives Consulting Group, LLC (Darien, CT)
FECGFerme Éolienne du Canal de Gargouilleau (French wind farm)
FECGFinancial Economics Consulting Group, Inc. (Tuscalosa, AL)
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Monitoring fetal states can also be performed by measuring fetal ECG through electrodes placed over the maternal abdomen after the 26th week of pregnancy [25], which directly provide a measure of the FECG. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to reliably reveal this FECG both for the low SNR, due to noise superimposed and maternal ECG interference, and for the position of the fetus that almost continuously changes his position inside the uterus.
Although this method provides accurate fECG and IUP readings, thus improving decision making, it requires rupturing of the membranes; it can, therefore, be applied during delivery only.
While the core countries of the FECG were the Philippines, China and lapan, the single iteration of the Western Asiatic Games in early 1934 was led by India, and in particular Indian Olympic Association member Guru Dutt Sondhi, who played a key role in this event as well as in the post-Second World War Asian Games.
A large number of detection and extraction techniques are used to separate the FECG from the maternal ECG.
Ye et al., "FECG extraction using Bayesian inference and neural networks approximation," Journal of Computational Information Systems, vol.
It detected first-degree AVB with low sensitivity and specificity (44% and 88%, respectively), in contrast, fECG showed a sensitivity of 66.7% and specificity of 96.2% for these cases.[15],[35] The availability of fMCG could help define low-risk and high-risk PQ normal ranges.
Huebner emphasizes the mass participation narrative of the FECG, instigated as they were by Western YMCA leaders based in East Asia.
The FECG can also be acquired for FHR using surface electrodes on the mother's abdomen, whilst the fetal magneto-cardiogram (FMCG) is detectable using superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometers and fetal phonocardiography (FPCG) also allows the heart sounds to be detected and hence FHR can be calculated (CROWE et al., 1995).
The fetal R-wave locations were automatically determined in the direct FECG signal by means of online analysis applied in the KOMPOREL system [31].