FECHFederación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile (Spanish: Federation of University Students of Chile)
FECHFoundation for Education, Culture and Health (Chicago, IL)
FECHFoundation Eye Care Himalaya (Nepal)
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Because T545G (L182R) was, to our knowledge, a novel missense mutation in the FECH gene, its effect on enzyme activity was examined in vitro.
From her mother, the proband inherited a wild-type FECH allele featuring the haplotype (-251G; IVS1-23T).
The Deputy Speaker directed National Assembly Secretariat to write a letter to Chief Justice of High Court of Islamabad on the behalf of House and Library Committee with the request for issuance of directions for implementation of agreement of joint venture signed between FECHS and NAECHS.
He held that the former president of FECHS be held ineligible to take part in the FECHS elections and instructed the Registrar Cooperative House Societies, Islamabad to take action against him.
The Acting Speaker said that the FECHS management has disappointed the august Committee by not abiding to its own commitment and put the matter in abeyance.
The Acting Speaker asked the President of FECHS to take every possible measure to honour his commitment by ensuring implementation of the directions of the Committee within the given time.
The petitioner stated that the FECHS got 700 kanals land in Zone-V Korang Town and Phase-I Jinnah Garden and then it started selling residential and commercial plots and NHS started creating hindrance in the way of the FECHS.
The FECHS then got approval of the lay out plan from the NHS and Islamabad administration for the construction of 200 feet road from Jinnah Garden to Islamabad High way.