FECLFonds d'Equipement des Collectivités Locales (French: Local Equipment Fund; Senegal)
FECLFar East Cargo Line (UK)
FECLFleet Electronics Calibration Laboratory
FECLFerme Éducative Conservatoire du Lieuvin (French: Educational Farm Conservatory Lieuvin; Lieuvin, France)
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[(FeCl).sub.ads] [left and right arrow] [(FeCl).sup.+] + [e.sup.-] (14)
[(FeCl).sup.+] [left and right arrow] [Fe.sup.2+] + [Cl.sup.-] (15)
As a result, the PRC promulgated the Foreign Economic Contract Law (FECL) in 1985.(83)
The first chapter sets out the general provisions of the law, including its scope, guiding principles, and a choice of law provision.(84) The scope of the FECL encompasses economic contracts between enterprises of the PRC and foreign enterprises.(85) On the other hand, the Economic Contract Law (ECL), adopted in 1981,(86) applies only to domestic contracts.
Murin, "Mossbauer and magneto-chemical study of solids formed by surface chemical reaction of OH-ssilica groups with iron diacetylacetonato chloride [([C.sub.5][H.sub.7][O.sub.2]).sub.2] FeCl," Applied Surface Science, vol.
Summary: Polymeric composites of Iron chloride (FeCl 3 ) doped Poly (ethylene oxide) fabricated in various weight fractions were subjected to FTIR, AC impedance test, DC conductivity and resistivity respectively.
Key words; Poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO), Iron Chloride (FeCl 3 ), Doping, DC conductivity, Resistivity, Ionic conductivity, Energy band gap
There are many sheep species with single mutations of reproductive capacity genes, yet only four have been reported to possess multi-locus mutations of reproductive capacity genes, including Belclare/Cambridge (Hanrahan et al., 2004) with GDF9 and BMP15 mutations, Lacaune with FecL and BMP15 locus mutations (Bodin et al., 2002), Small-Tailed Han sheep and Hu sheep with BMPR-IB and BMP15 locus mutations (Chu et al., 2007), as well as Garole with BMPR-IB and GDF9 locus mutations (Polley et al., 2009).
(FeCl)LaT[a.sub.2][O.sub.7] and (FeCl)C[a.sub.2] N[b.sub.3][O.sub.10] were synthesized for the first time by using ion exchange with the Dion-Jacobson double and triple layer perovskites.