FECOFull Extract Cannabis Oil (marijuana)
FECOFederation of Cartoonists Organisations
FECOForeign Economic Cooperation Office (China)
FECOFringes of Equal Chromatic Order
FECOFull Extract Chlorophyll Oil (cannabis)
FECOFirst European Color Orchestra (est. 2002)
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We have reported a photochemically tunable magnet on the basis of an FeCo Prussian blue analog.
Federation of Cartoonists' Organizations (FECO) Secretary-General Peter Nieuwendijk will attend the opening ceremony of the festival at the Turkey's Directorate General of Press and Information's Art Gallery on April 16.
Alloy [(BH).sub.max], [H.sub.cB], kA/m kJ/[m.sup.2] -- 0.072 Fe 310 290 Fe 4 26 Fe 17 61 Co -- 0.941 Ni -- 0.564 4Sm[Co.sub.5] 255 600 Sm[Co.sub.5] 254 780 Sm[Co.sub.5] 190 716 [Sm.sub.2][Co.xib.17] 294 -- [Sm.sub.2][(CoFe).sub.17] 462 -- [Sm.sub.2][(CoCuFeZr).sub.17] 209 949 [Sm.sub.2][(CoCuFeZr).sub.17] 239 462 NdFeB 955 -- [Nd.sub.2][Fe.sub.14]B 255 -- NdFeBCoAl 326 875 NdFeBCo 525 - CuNiCo 4 56 CuNiFe 8 46 FeCo 6 43 FeCo 26 78 FeCrCoMo 20 80 Alloy [B.sub.r], T Curie temperature, [degrees]C 0.001 768 Fe 1.40 768 Fe 0.70 770 Fe 0.90 770 Co -- 1020 Ni 0.004 358 4Sm[Co.sub.5] 0.
Topics include the structural bases of collagen triple helix stability; spectroscopic investigations of metallothioneins; internal structural analysis of keratin fibers using raman spectroscopy; complex NMR approaches to studying conformational dynamics; FeCO unit vibrations as a probe of the active site of heme proteins; volatile general anesthetic interactions; effects of molar mass on the coil to double-helix transition of polysaccharid gellan gums in aqueous solutions; and diagnosis of oral cancers and inflammatory conditions using raman signatures of biopolymers.
Amorphous ribbons (6 mm wide and about 20 [micro]m thick) of the nominal composition of [Fe.sub.81][Nb.sub.7][B.sub.12] (NANOPERM) and [(FeCo).sub.81][Nb7.sub.][B.sub.12] (HITPERM) were prepared by the method of planar flow casting at the Institute of Physics, SAS in Bratislava.
The main part consists of 560 small permanent magnets with horizontal magnetization and FeCo poles between them.
But the grand pas-de-deux as lovers Quiteria and Basil (Tatiana Frolova and Stanislav Feco) celebrating triumph over adversity pepped up an otherwise disjointed affair.
& E., Inc.; Cutler Equpt., Inc.; FECO Engineered Systems, Inc., Environmental Division.
FeCo alloy has the highest saturation magnetization among all binary magnetic alloys [1].
Miller, "Investigation of FeCo Nanocomposites for High Frequency Applications", PhD.
"When we can't get art deco we have something called art feco, where we fake it and design something to match how we think it would have looked in the 1930s.