FECOMFar East Command (US Army)
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As a result of MacArthur's directive, COL Hickman established a "War Crimes Division" in FECOM and, perhaps given LTC Hanley's extensive combat experience, selected Hanley to take charge of this new organization.
(16) Although COL Hanley had obtained approval from the FECOM Public Information Officer prior to releasing his reports on the enemy war crimes, General Matthew Ridgway, who replaced General MacArthur as the Supreme Commander of UN forces in April 1951, defused the situation by downplaying Hanley's claims.
FECOM reconnaissance missions against China got off to a rough start.
Additional tactical overflights were flown by FECOM's 8th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) RF-80A aircraft against Soviet targets in the months leading up to the Korean War, but these missions do not appear to have been flown on a regular basis.
Operational sponsorship of the FECOM theater had been given only recently to the Chief of Staff, U.S.
As the North Koreans continued to press the attack against Eighth Army around Pusan, FECOM oriented logistic support on reinforcing General Walton Walker, USA.
Despite the fear of some that it would be a half-baked affair, he was determined to form a staff with FECOM personnel, even selecting his chief of staff, Major General Edward Almond, USA, to head it.
Likewise, the FECOM staff had earlier completed a preliminary estimate of the post-Inchon situation and already was drafting courses of action based on the assumption that the President would not settle for restoring the 38th Parallel.
FECOM and CIA squabbled over resources, priorities, control, and personnel as agents died and missions were aborted.
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