FECSFederation of European Chemical Societies
FECSFederation of European Cancer Societies
FECSFederation European Compact Sports
FECSFood Export Consulting Services (Oregon)
FECSFédération Européenne de Catch Sportif (French: European Federation of Sports Catch)
FECSForward Error Correction Seconds (Nortel)
FECSFar Eastern Cellular Systems (Russia)
FECSFamily & Early Childhood Services (Australia)
FECSFoilborne Engine Control System
FECSFick Elite Crew Soldiers (gaming clan)
FECSFédération des Enseignants des Commissions Scolaires
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This selective deworming may be accomplished in a couple of ways (although you'll still need to use FECs to help make your selections).
Grand Prix Orange County is the newest entertainment enterprise to be added to the Diamond Properties' portfolio, joining nine other Family Entertainment Centers (FEC).
Dubai now has a full-fledged VR park and we will surely see several VR attractions within FECs. These concepts will bring in another level of family engagement.
The mean of FECs of order Strongylida and genus Strongyloides found in the farms are shown in TABLE I.
For building the scenario of MPLS-TE; link constraints, FEC with Traffic trunks, signaling protocol like RSVP, routing protocol like OSPF/OSPFv6, and LSP details were provided for traffic engineering which is discussed in Section 4.
Due to the regulations on foreign exchanges, FCDs could not be withdrawn in foreign currency notes nor in kyats but only in the form of foreign exchange certificates (FECs).
Reed-Solomon (RS) code [17] is a variation of FECs. The notation (n, k) RS code denotes an RS code that encodes a message of k symbols into a codeword of n symbols including d = n - k redundant symbols; thus, up to d erasures can be corrected.
In Figure 3(a), the FECs of mono-layer graphene and FLG in simple structure are plotted, while, in Figure 3(b), those of the Bernal cases are classified.
The mean FECs in Thalli and Kachhi sheeps were lower (P Less than 0.05) than Krakul, Kajli (Table 1).
Those who compare Cuba to China's experience with a dual-currency system should remember that the Chinese model was based on a currency known as renminbi or yuan for the local population, and Foreign Exchange Certificates (FECs) for foreigners.