FED LOGFederal Logistics Data
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The list of components you see on FED LOG is actually the components that are used to make up the two brackets.
The new version incorporates the three previous FED LOG applications (Interactive, Batch, and Drawings) into one application.
FED LOG is a catalog of logistics data used by DLIS customers.
Through either five compact discs or one DVD, FED LOG provides highly portable logistics information that contains items of supply and supplier data from the Federal Logistics Information System as well as unique data from other sources, including the military services and Defense Logistics Agency supply centers.
There are many options here, so search FED LOG with the following keywords: INDICATOR, HUMIDITY, PLUG
FED LOG will retrieve any PN that has all the letters and numbers in the right order, even if they are hyphenated differently.
The reason is that FED LOG is a monthly product, so information is only captured monthly.
You can access FED LOG through the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW).
links to other logistics info sources (LOGSA/LIW, FED LOG, etc.
A: Before you reinvent the wheel, be sure to check for packaging instructions in LIW, FED LOG, and WebFLIS.
FED LOG requires a subscription and should be installed on a work computer.