FEDECFoundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon
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Although Warwick doesn't admit as much, FEDEC funds could also be impounded or inflated at the whim of government, leaving those who depend on them entirely at the mercy of the state.
It would be foolish for culprits to somehow electronically "steal" FEDEC funds by moving someone else's funds to their own account.
FEDEC would operate similarly: In drug investigations or other criminal proceedings, all transaction data and facts could be retrieved and the gathered evidence could be used against criminals in court.
Following initial trials and a pilot program, the FEDEC system would first be offered to retailers.
This would further prompt individuals to apply for FEDEC accounts.
On this basis, Warwick explains, the government would be able to "guarantee FEDEC money both as keeper of funds and as warrantor of their genuineness.